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Hey everyone. If you’ve read my post on WHAT IS VALENTINE??, you’ll know that Valentine’s day doesn’t mean anything to me. Also, if you’ve read my post on HOW TO LOVE BEING SINGLE, you’ll know I also give the best relationship advice😅 Well, Valentine is approaching and for all the single people or people who don’t care about it, this post is for you😉 and me as well 😅 If you don’t celebrate Valentine, these are my tips on how to enjoy being single on Valentine’s day by making the most of that dreadful day😂

1. Eat snacks. Valentine’s day is the best day to eat snacks and basically just smile because who doesn’t love food?😅 For snacks, I recommend chips because you can never get tired of it; plus, its crunchy. And I love food too😊

I love fries so why not?😅

2. Listen to music. That’s my best remedy for everything. Bored? Listen to music. Angry? Listen to music. Tired? Listen to music. Sad? Listen to music. Music is everything! Just listen to music; it should be loud enough to shut everyone up; especially those Valentine huggers😅

3. Avoid the internet. The internet; social networks, is the best place for people to post things about their relationship, their day out, what they received, and mostly, about love. You don’t want to see that when you’re single; so avoid the internet. Especially Twitter because there’ll be so many tweets for one person to handle😅

4. Call a single friend, sister, brother, or someone close to you whose single and talk for as long as possible. Catch up on things and bring up the craziest discussion you can think of. Conversations with someone close to you whose also single is the best thing because they can’t talk about their relationship except they just got out of a relationship; then avoid them!😅

5. Sweat shirt is a must. On the bright side, you don’t have to go out, look good, or even spend money. Put on a sweat shirt, no make up, messy hair, and just sit in the comfort of your home doing what you want. Think about the money you saved while others are busy making corporations richer. Enjoy your solitude and do what you’ve always wanted to do.

6. Take selfies. When’s the best time to take selfies? When you’re alone. Obvi! Take killer selfies. Try on every makeup you have and every dress you could possibly wear. Make the most of it and take lots of selfies so you can post them all. You still get to post selfies even when you don’t go out; the best of both worlds😉

With the Valentine apocalypse upon us😅 these tips will help you forget and enjoy your day like every normal day. I don’t know what day Valentine falls on😅 so I don’t know what I’ll do. But I don’t have any plan at all. Its just me, myself and I. Solo ride until I die cause I got me for life😊

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  1. I am in a relationship and I don’t celebrate the day. For real I don’t even know what day it is tbh. :/ fail. good post I would avoid the net as well that day. But I will say people can post what they want if it is brag about their loved ones let them be happy just like you are happy for being single.

  2. When I’m on the web, I’m normally at math forums. Others may assume that no one talks about Valentine’s there but that’s not the case. They talk about equations that could be plotted into a heart shaped curves, a calculus expression that could be differentiated or integrated into “Happy Valentine’s Day”, a topological heart, etc.

    There’s even one fellow who tried to make some theorems involving the mathematics of love. I commented something like “as if a few mathematical equations can prove anything!” It got a few laughs and probably some curses 🙂

  3. It’s really a great post but I think Val’s day is a day to show love,but then lovers have decided to own it making it look like its for people who are in a relationship….to enjoy your single life, have it in mind that it’s not only lovers but to show love to everyone….

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