​You said I’m

Miserable because I 

Don’t see things from 

Your perspective or 

Because I don’t do

What you want. But, I don’t 

Because I have so much

Going on; so much to

Focus on. I guess that makes

Me miserable! Now I’ve cut 

You off and I’m not looking back. 

You just have to meet the right

People…” I don’t care anymore. 

I hate having friends.

I hate everything about it.

– Okoto Enigma 

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  1. Well, I don’t hate having friends, but I hate how friends can hurt you. When I make friends with someone, I try my best not to be selfish and show I care. Sadly, most people don’t do the same. I find people selfish, evil, and full of s****.

          1. Ouch 🙈 I believe there’s always hope, always. Just keep in mind that noone is forced to be grateful even if you did them all the good in the world. Expect less and you’ll be hurt less. Take care

          2. Of course they are not forced to be grateful, but if they are not grateful, then I don’t need to be their friend or be in their life =)

        1. Lol I beg to differ, but it’s true that people may be arses but there’s still good in this world and it’s left for us to find it. If not, shine that light!!

  2. I hate looking for friends. It’s so easy to lose one. I’m good at that and I’m not even trying 😀 Don’t be friends with negative people. They only put you down. Concentrate on the positive one’s.

  3. Sometimes in our lives, social supports is all we need to thrive and these include friends. Human nature is defective, none of us is perfect but with positive mindset, we can see ourselves imperfectly perfect. So, if you have a friend that you really like, you have to like them with their imperfections; for our differences is what makes us unique. But if that friend has nothing positive to offer, it is better to let go.

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