Before I start, this is my idea of Valentine and like always, it’ll be crazyπŸ˜… If you take Valentine seriously, I’m sorry but we can’t be friendsπŸ˜‚ just kidding. I’ll write another post about Valentine but today, I’ll be writing about what Valentine means to me; or what is it.

So, what is Valentine? A lot of people have different definitions of Valentine/Valentine’s day. For most people, Valentine is a day of love and all that romantic stuff. But, Valentine for me is like every normal day. People are just so bored so they decide to wear red, they look for an excuse to buy presents when it’s not chritmas or anyone’s birthday, and they just want to go outπŸ˜…. Valentine is just like Monday’s….but people hate Monday’s so, Tuesday’s. Valentine is like Tuesday, nothing special about it. But some of us (meπŸ˜…) have to see people wear red, make plans, and talk about love which is too much! It’s not your birthday so chillax😊 I don’t even know what today’s date isπŸ˜‚ so I probably won’t remember Valentine’s day. But with all the sickening red, I’ll probably have to remember it. Why?? It’s just so Overwhelming.

My birthday is 10 days after Valentine’s; on the 24th. You don’t see me forcing everyone to wear black (my favourite colour), or forcing everyone to get me a gift; maybe I should πŸ˜… If you want to go out, do it over the weekend; it’s Friday any way . But enough with Valentine stuff. I’ll wear black when it’s time (what day is it anyway?); and probably try to avoid the internet πŸ˜‚ I should really check my calendar. 

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  1. haha u do’t know how glad i am to find someone with xactly similar views as mine
    i wud have written the exact same things u said ..i completely agreee and that pic though awesome πŸ™‚

  2. In Finland, Valentine has been a day for friends, not love. Personally I don’t care about the day. I think you can remember your loved once everyday. It’s just an American spending money on garbage day and nothing else.

      1. I didn’t look it at that way but that’s so true. Honestly people need to just forgot all the hype about love and relationships. Go at your own pace. Don’t have them at all if that’s your jam. You do you!!!

  3. Hahaha omg this post is so relatable!! I don’t get the point of Valentine’s day, it’s just a way for the markets to make profits. I mean if you love someone you show it every freaking day, not just on Valentine’s day. Oh, and my favorite color is black as well.. “It’s such a happy color” hahah And happy early birthday πŸ˜‰ xx


  4. I am one of those people who feel valentine’s day is overrated.. Really.. Yes yes yes… February Queens think alike.. This is my month too… Funny post you got there..


  5. HAHAHAHA. Here in the Philippines, Lots of my fb friends were posting that there’s no FEBRUARY on the calendar because they don’t have a date or whatsoever! (Lots of people here are bitter.! LOL)

    But then, Valentines is everyday and not just for lovers but for family and friends as well.

      1. In Hong Kong, we have a lot of festivals and celebrations. Many people may be happy but I feel that the primary motivation behind those”festivals” are economic in nature (sort of like some corporate conspiracies). It can be said that some of these festivals/celebrations were “created” by corporations. For instance, Valentine’s Day used to be just an ordinary day in HK. However, after some clever marketing and whatnot, it suddenly became a very important day. That’s how carefully planned BS can work its wonders.

        Others may argue all they want, but the fact remains that many corporations are taking advantage of those festivals for profit.

        Personally, I don’t have anything against people taking advantage of situations to gain money but outright exploiting the masses through unscrupulous advertising which makes them feel inadequate for not participating to those festivals is damnable.

  6. Personally, I love everything about valentine’s day, I believe in love and I think the only reason some people find a way to diss or hate on the holiday is because they haven’t fallen in love themselves or don’t really care about friends and family the way they do about their-selves. Oh… Hey Shay, Nice post.

  7. When you love, and allow yourself to receive love, and you find that soul who brings with them the same electrifying passion in every kiss and in every touch; that someone who you can communicate with on every level of being; then Valentine’s Day is not like every other day — it’s the total opposite.

  8. When you get married…its almost like getting sucked into the Valentine drama whether you like it or not…that is me right now….just wrote a bit about Valentine and marriage on my blog. Or is it just my marriage…lol..I am so confused.

  9. Every Valentine’s I feel like renting a gift shop filled with all those cute bubbly stuff to make extra bucks. But then again, I’m just too lazyπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  10. Oh yeah!! I thinks its overrated!! As in, people wanna show their love, all in a day’s time, and that too by such materialistic things?!! Haha…!! Thats a joke to me!

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