Good things are coming my way this year😀 and I’m really happy. Before I start, just want to say I’m having a hard time keeping up with my blog; the comments and all that so if anyone gets a late reply, please understand that I’m trying to respond to everything; one at a time. Also, I have so many nominations to respond to as well, and I haven’t responded to any. It might take a while before I do that; but if I’m unable to respond, thanks for the nomination and sorry for not being able to respond. I know how hard it is to choose people to nominate because I have a hard time choosing as well, I hope you can understand.

Back to my good news. It’s short but exciting. As most of you know, my blog has an app which is available on Google play. You can click here to download it if you haven’t. I also said that it would be available on Apple store soon; well, now, it’s sooner than you think.  In a couple of days, after it has been reviewed, it’ll be available for download on Apple store 😀. I’ll write a post when its available so you guys can download it; just wanted to share my excitement with everyone and keep you guys informed. Expect a post soon enough. 

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