​The topic suits this post very well because although I like WP, it still has issues and for that reason, I kind of hate it! A while back, I saw a post about WP compressing posts in the reader for some reason or something like that. And they keep doing it! In the past, when I started last year September, you could post something and everyone would see it. All of a sudden, WP starting hiding some posts in the reader. So when you post, only a few people will see it which is so annoying. 

I’ve had people ask me why I no longer post on WP; and I post everyday. Why? Because WP hides some post so people are unable to see it. I have to check people’s site personally just to find their post and vice versa. Then I see that they’ve been posting but it just doesn’t appear in the reader. The posts I see on my reader now are really few. In the past, they were so many, and I was unable to keep up with them. Now, they’re like 50! What is wrong with WP? They really need to fix this because it’s getting on my nerves! Things go from good to better, not from good to bad. 

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  1. I Knoooooow! I wrote about it on my blog too. In my case, not only does WP do that, it also randomly unfollow people or unlike post and then I have to routinely chek who I have unfollowed or irritated. It’s bugging me to no end now!

  2. Me too, I have found that some people got unfollowed, I couldn’t upload media for a while and I have to check my followers list so as to see what they have posted because they ain’t on the reader.

          1. Well sometimes, I know someone has read my post, but in stats where it brings up posts read, that one post has no reads at all. Than when you look at your stats and decide to look at your actual blog posts, some things don’t match up to the stats

          2. Last year was still a good year. This year will be a good year. I already have some future ideas for blogs set, but will have to wait a month or a while till I can post them

  3. I can understand how you feel Okoto. I too am not getting some of the posts on my reader. Also I am unable to link my posts on daily prompt to the main grid. I sent them a mail regarding this issue. They got back saying everything seems OK. We will look into the matter. It is really frustrating.

  4. I used to receive much traffic earlier in my blog and now suddenly it has drastically reduced. I guess it is most probably due to this technical glitch or something. 😐

          1. That’s nice considering the amount of loyal and lovely follers you have. I think you’ll ace in professional blogging as well. 😊😊

  5. I had a feeling that not all the posts from the blogs I follow were showing up in the Reader. (I follow at least 100+ blogs.) WordPress is full of bugs but it’s free so I’m not sure how much we can complain.

  6. That’s very sad that this is happening. Especially when we try so hard to increase our followers and they’re unfollowing people??? I thought I noticed something wasn’t right either, but thought maybe it was me

  7. hahahaha! omg i love this! the giant finger just made my day! hahaha!! Yes the reader for me is a pain in the ass but seems they have updated and I can at least scroll through but now I have blogs there that I dont even follow and I don’t see some that I do follow…so yes still somewhat of a pain in the ass…XO!!

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