Hey dudes and dudettes😊 Well, yesterday on Twitter, I hosted a blogger group chat which was alright. I asked questions based on blogging; and because Twitter character is too short (they really have to change it), I was unable to write everything I wanted to. That’s why I’ve decided to answer the questions right here; and also because I’m bored so why not?😅. You can also write a response to these questions on your own blog if you want to. Here goes:

Q1. What is the one blogging goal you hope to achieve this year?

With 11 months to go, I still have a lot of time to plan and achieve so many things. But, my one blogging goal is to have a really successful and well known blog. With an app, it’ll be so much easier😉 But I want my blog to grow really well and blossom like a rose flower during spring; pretty and divine😀. A blog that’ll be recognized for something good, unique, and different in this era.

Q2. What is your biggest fear about blogging this year?

My biggest fear is definitely not being able to achieve my goal; but like I always say, with God all things are possible 🙏 I have a mindset and with more time, I’ll hopefully achieve my goal. At first I thought it was running out of things to write, but then I remembered that I can write anything I want😅 Although I have other fears, my biggest fear is staying in the same position and not being able to achieve my goal. It gives megoosebumps just by thinking about it. I still have a long way to go till my one year anniversary; this is my 4th month blogging so I can achieve so much before then😀

Q3. Which do you think matters more? Views or followers? 

I’m not sure. I asked this question just to see people’s response😅. In my opinion, followers don’t really matter if you don’t have loyal followers. I’ve seen people with thousands of WP followers who barely get likes on their post. So, what’s the point of having so many followers if no one reads your post or contributes to it? Also, someone might have 2,000+ followers and only have 5,000+ total views. While someone else with 1,000+ followers can have 25,000+ total views. Although, most people don’t care about views as well. In other words, I guess the most important is having loyal followers who contribute to your post and support you.

Q4. What do you wish you could get rid of on your blog? And why? 

I think everyone will agree with me when I say when I say the one thing I’d like to remove is the subdomain Having the subdomain doesn’t look or sound professional. No one wants to see when other people have It’s not If anything, I’d love to get rid of the subdomain so I can have full control of my blog; and call it a website instead. Luckily, I plan to get it as a birthday gift for myself which is next month😄 but I’ll change it to And I’ll finally have my own site!

Q5. Has blogging helped you become more social in person? 

In a way yes and no😅 because I hate people and sometimes I can’t stand them. Communicating with people through the internet is so much better than doing it in person because you’ll barely have awkward stares, contacts and conversation with someone. So, technically, my answer to this question is “I don’t know” because I’m able to tell some people I’m a blogger, and others, not at all. Hopefully that’ll change with time. 

I only asked five questions which I’ve answered without restrictions because WP isn’t like Twitter that’s trying to turn us to Dj Khaled who uses short cliches in songs or Kanye West who tweets like he doesn’t have/begged for WiFi connection 😂 Feel free to answer these questions on your blog if you want it.

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  1. I kept my site even when I got my site because I was afraid people who actually read the blog and the blogs I read would disappear!

  2. Nice piece, I don’t think bloggers really understand how much work is involved in getting followers. It’s not just a question of great content, it’s also a lot of effort to follow, comment, like etc. At least it is if you’re doing it properly and just randomly liking everything on your Reader. Don’t you agree?

  3. Q1. What is the one blogging goal you hope to achieve this year?
    A1. The goal is to uplift the profession in another dimension which is, thru social media… as for others it’s quite hard to take off and go into mainstream of the industry both in the fields of architectural professional practice and blogging that covers anything under the sun.. and not only for this year but all throughout the coming years.

    Q2. What is your biggest fear about blogging this year?
    A2. So far none at all… Blog your way to the stars and they’re sure find ways to read it.

    Q3. Which do you think matters more? Views or followers?
    A3. I do honestly prefer views, as it is the best way to see if your articles are viewed or not, though with those who got a fan based or enormous numbers it is both views and followers. But don’t forget that the beauty about blogging is that you’ll be able to seek out others unsolicited ideas as to the subject you’ve just put into the mainstream. I hope you agree…

    Q4. What do you wish you could get rid of on your blog? And why?
    A4. This is a good question, Nothing … i don’t wish that i could get rid of anything with this platform as they’re giving us the best exposure we could wish for, can you imagine how i was able to stumble upon your article? Am from the tropical country of the Southeast Asia The Philippines… Either good or bad … in this blog world, everything is a great source of ideals, beliefs and you name it. Just keep on doing what makes you complete day in and day out. Agree again?

    Q5. Has blogging helped you become more social in person?
    A5. Absolutely YES! you’ve just open up at its widest your window to the world and in doing so you made the right choice as we can’t help it but to go with the fast pace this interconnected world brings us on a daily basis. Somehow it’ll make the best out of you by hearing suggestions from those readers or followers from the other side of the continent, right? Think positive.. no person should think about greatness if he or she is afraid to embrace the challenge right upon your nose.

    I do hope i’ve given you the humblest response that am sure your not expecting in your blogging life, for more of me kindly follow and re-blog some of the articles i’ve authentically written at .

    As i’ve been always telling my clients and colleagues
    “behind every difficulty, i saw a lot of opportunity”


  4. #5 made me laugh. I blog for me. Goals well I am not in a popularity contest. So I don’t worry about it. I like for things I do to organically evolve. Don’t do trends either. You are funny.

  5. I just love your perspective. You are funny and openly honest. Your writings are very interesting and mature. Oh and your comment about no liking people hehehe. It can get awkward sometimes. People are not going to always get you and will bring about awkward interactions. Even when writing you can run in to that as well. Look forward to your novel(s) being published.

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