This is me laying on my bed; a few hours ago. The black and white concept made me use it🙈

“Acceptance is the key 

To be truly free.”

I’ve spent all night

In this dark four walls trying 

Not to think about you. I

Convinced myself to stop

Writing; but you’re the

Reason I write. I could spend 

All night counting the stars,

But they’ll lead right to you.

The night is cold and dark; 

But I want to forget. That’s why 

I write. Maybe the cold will run

Through my veins and rid me

Of you by stopping my heart beat.

I’ve become too weak to accept 

Reality. Silence is my only


– Okoto Enigma 

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  1. That’s a line from a Katy Perry song! It’s very true though. Acceptance is what we all need. You have to accept yourself and your life fully to be at peace. Of course, it’s easy in principle but difficult in practice.

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