With so much love to

Give; yet no hope for 

That. “Have you ever been

In love?” A question I’ve never 

Liked to answer; I hope

To never answer it. I’ll only

Be happy when I realise my

Fear is the problem. Not the fear

Of getting hurt; but rather of 

Losing what little; or yet, so

Much of what I have left. Locked

Up in a little dark box that’ll 

Remain closed till the end of time.

My fear is not the problem; my

Memories aren’t either. I thought I 

Was the problem; but you were and

Have always been the problem. 

I have to let go of my demons

And ghosts at some point. Maybe

That’s when I’ll be…

– Okoto Enigma 

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  1. The only thing worse than losing, in love, is never to have loved at all. Love strong, love hard, and enjoy the sun when it shines, however strong its rays and however much it burns 🙂 Great poem btw 🙂

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