Hey everyone. I didn’t do anything in school so I’m a bit annoyed that I wasted my time and outfit ๐Ÿ˜’. Oh well! That’s that! I haven’t introduced any guest in a while; but I finally get to do that. I first came across these two wonderful individuals when they followed my blog; but I was unable to check out their blog. After a long while,  I had a look at their blog, and I loved it! I had to interview them because they’re a team, and I love their work. Thank you so much Tati and Tony for accepting my invitation. Without further adieu, let’s begin, and see what these two amazing individuals have in store of us.

1. What is your blog about? 

TONY: Firstly, we want to thank you for interviewing us, Okoto. What a cool opportunity! To answer your question: Unbolt Me is a literary blog. In a literal sense. It’s a repository of poems, prose, and any other odds and ends that we might dream up. 

TATI: Yes, we have also made art, audio clips, and even a video! But we will never deviate from our main axis. We will always be about the writings. 

2. When and why did you decide to start a blog? 

TATI: It was July 2014. Why? Because I had decided that six months of studying English was enough, and that I was ready to knock the spots off Shakespeare and Hemingway. I decided to think big and enter the international arena straightaway. That is how me and my ‘blameless’ writings found ourselves on WordPress. 

TONY: I discovered Tati’s writings on Unbolt, and was immediately drawn in by the uniqueness of her imagination. It was completely idiosyncratic and out there. She and I struck up a friendship via email which eventually led to her inviting me to work with her on the blog together. 

TATI: Tony’s first official post was ‘A Sea Change Involving a Cow’. Unbolt became Unbolt Me after that point. But before this he was featured as a guest many times, and we wrote some cool collaborations. 

3. Where do you see your blog 2 years from now? 

TATI: It will be a noisy, busy place. A cheerful community of writers and readers who enjoy communication on our blog. And we aren’t going to turn it into an advertising platform to monetize our traffic, etc. 

TONY: Yes, we write books and we want to sell them, like every writer does. But we never want to harass our readers with ads and links to buy. 

TATI: Fun, freedom, communication. Those are the three pillars we lean on. 

4. How far have you gone since you started blogging? And what do you hope to gain? 

TONY: We’ve gone from being a blog with a dozen regular visitors to one that’s widely read and appreciated by many more from all walks of life. 

TATI: Yes, Unbolt Me is a pretty popular blog, but I wouldn’t want to show off with our tinkling, statistical regalia here. 

TONY: True. We’re very fortunate to have garnered any level of attention at all. 

TATI: As for me… yes, I still can’t believe that my name is on the covers of real books. And this wouldn’t have happened without me starting this blog in the first place. 

TONY: And we’re going to write many more. We want to make a living off our books. That’s the end game. 

5. What/who inspires you to blog? 

TONY: Tati. My wife. The fact that I’m poor. 

TATI: Our amazing community and its warm feedback. We get many comments, many encouraging words. Our dear readers make us believe in what we do and that gives us the fuel to go ahead. Also, Tony, his wife and the fact that he’s poor. Okay, I joke. But Tony inspires me, of course. Especially his bizarre dreams. 

6. What is the easiest thing about blogging? And what do you find most difficult? 

TATI: The easiest thing is creating a new post. The most hard is pressing ‘Publish’. 

TONY: And we get to work and agonise together. How cool is that? Honestly, we achieve so much more as a team than we ever could on our own. 

7. Who has impacted you the most in blogging and why? 

TATI: I read many cool blogs, and I do enjoy them and the people who stand behind them. I was honored to collaborate with many talented bloggers at the beginning of Unbolt Me’s life, and it’s been the most precious experience. But my answer will be… no one. 

TONY: My answer would be… everyone. But, as I donโ€™t like sharing the glory, I’ll amend that answer and say ‘no one’ too! Okay, but seriously, I fear that by listing some bloggers I’ll forget to list others. I wouldn’t want anyone to feel left out. 

8. What do you think is the best strategy that worked well for you to get more traffic to your blog? 

TONY: First and foremost it’s the writing. You’ve got to really work at the writing, to make it the best you think it can be every single time. Without that there’s no compelling reason for readers to keep coming back. 

TATI: Yes, our strategy is the same for any activity: malls, pubs or blogs… it doesn’t matter. Be cool, be different. Be passionate about what you do. 

TONY: Write it and they will come. 

TATI: Amen.

9. What was/has been the most challenging moment in your blogging journey so far? 

TONY: Declining collaborations hasn’t been easy. People get understandably offended when we do this. It’s not that we’re snobs or that no one is as good as we are. On the contrary, there are many writers whose abilities eclipse our own that we would gladly work with. However, we’re so focused on what we’re trying to achieve with our own projects that it doesn’t leave much time for anything else. 

TATI: As for me, it was the moment when I realized that it was pretty hard to handle the growing attention that we were getting. I was happy… and a bit scared. That’s why I’m really grateful to Tony who takes care of the comments on Unbolt Me. I remember how I was struggling with this, feeling unable to catch every interaction, worried that readers might think I didn’t care or something. 

TONY: Tati is my favourite person to work with, so any difficulties that arise are mitigated by the fact that we are in this together. That gives me a lot of strength and encouragement.

10. What is your advice to bloggers and everyone out there? 

TATI: Follow your dreams. Go ahead and never stop. 

TONY: Wear socks at all times. Except in summer. It’s too hot and sweaty in summer. 

Thanks again for this! You rock!

Tati and Tony

I understand why keeping up with the comments is hard for you Tati; it’s also hard for me to handle everything but with time, it gets better. I have to admit I laughed a bit at your response. It was pretty cool, honest and down to earth. I love how you guys help each other out too. I’m not a fan of team work; but I admire the both of you so much. This was a really great interview; and I enjoyed every minute I spent reading it.

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