I feel like as a blogger, I need to address this issue because it’s like a debate or an on going argument between bloggers who feel like it’s wrong. The issue I’m talking about is the monetization of one’s blog. I honestly don’t see anything wrong with monetizing; I mean you produce quality contents for free. The least you can do is make a little cash from it. Although, I think one needs to inform their readers before/when they start the process.

I for one plan to monetize my blog when I get a domain; but I’ll definitely inform everyone and have a laugh about it. It’s not asking for permission. It’s simply talking about it, informing everyone, and giving my reasons for doing it. Most people see it as a wrong thing but if anyone tells me they want to monetize, I’ll give my advice and assist in anyway I can because I’m not against it; no matter the number of ads I see on someone’s site. I might actually be interested in one and click on it. But, I’m mainly interested in someone’s content, not the advertisements on their site. I feel like you can and should probably do whatever you want on your blog; and loyal readers are meant to support you. Especially if its for your own benefit.

If anyone thinks monetizing a blog or site is wrong, why is it? I don’t think it’s wrong; and I’ll actually congratulate anyone when they take that step. In my opinion, go for it and don’t be scared. Don’t forget to plan first though; but it’s not wrong to do it; so get that idea out of your head 😅 If you want to monetize, go for it. You have my support even if no one agrees.

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  1. If I made ANY money writing ANYTHING, I’d do a whole lot more of it. Nothing wrong at all to be paid if/when you have something to say. I think the problem arises when someone is PAYING for you to say something you normally wouldn’t…you go make that money, who knows, you might help someone out in the process. making it worth it for more than one of you. Thanks for the post.

  2. I think there is nothing wrong for wanting to get compensated for the hard work and ALL the time we spend to get a functional, attractive blog with good content. We are our own tech people, writers, editors, marketers, and in my case I havve to cook and photograph my food so add in photographer and chef to all that.

  3. I agree with TheOriginalPhoenix. I think it’s only natural to want to eventually be paid for something you work so hard at. Yes, most of us started out blogging for the love but it takes alot of time, dedication, and sacrifice. Plus as a beauty blogger you spend quite a bit of money testing out products to review for your audience which after a while gets expensive (I’m sure it’s the same for other areas as well). It’s only human to want to be compensated for all of your hard work, time, and effort. As long as you are staying honest and true to the purpose and intent of your blog. I say do it!

  4. I don’t think there is anything wrong with making money from your blog. In fact, I plan on doing that myself later this year. Once I reach 2K followers, I’ll probably look into that step.

  5. Possibly the readers do not completely understand what is meant about monetization? The general thought is to put ads into the blog and be paid a percentage per ad clicked and a purchase made. You aren’t personally saying go out and buy something here. There is a difference between plugging a product IN the blog or simply sponsoring ads from different entities. Perhaps letting your readers know whether you are planning just ads, or planning on being spokesperson for products would be helpful. Either way, it is no one’s business but yours to do as you wish.

  6. Great article! I just recently upgraded so I could begin monetizing. I agree with you and as a blogger feel we all have our own reasons for blogging. Personally, mine is the passion for writing, however, monetizing is also a way to defer costs incurred when obtaining a domain that allows monetization. As you already stated, as long as we clearly state on our sites we are doing so, I do not see the issue others may have. Unless the Blogger/Writer has directly told their readers, we (as a reader) do not know “why” the blogger has chosen to monetize. Many factors could play in to it such as employment status, possible hardships, career goals.

    Sharing my work is what drives me, as you also said as we follow what we enjoy, there is no reason not to benefit. The monetization process assists in the ability to enhance the content and resources available to the reader. I have actually found products I may not have otherwise. Again, thanks for sharing a great article!


  7. I actually monetized my account just to see what it would look like. It just put a word press ad at the bottom of the blog and a quick disney on ice video. Nothing related to my blog.. etc. I turned it off so I could do more research. I don’t see anything wrong with it if the content isn’t changed…. seriously where CAN you click online and not see an ad somewhere? It’s the way of the world.

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