A while back, I wrote a post on 16 THINGS I’VE LEARNED FROM 2016 and I said I’d write my goals for 2017; which I haven’t done yet😅 So, I decided to change it a bit and write on “17 things I hope to achieve in 2017”; kind of like my goals but with less crazy talk and more numbers😂 *thinking* Sit thight; here goes (in a random order):
1. As much as I argue with my family, and even if they see this, I’ll deny it😅 but, I hope to spend this year with them. The greatest achievement is life; and having my family with me is a gift, a blessing, and an achievement. But again, I’ll deny it if they ever see this😂

2. I want to see my blog grow really well, become successful and popular. A place where people can go to for poems, advice, and some crazy post😅 And hopefully this year, I can buy a domain and have full control of my blog. I finally got to 25k views which is part of my blog goal.

3. I can’t say a mansion, millions, or cars because this is real life😂 but, I’m actually working on a project, more like a business or something like that which I hope will work out soon enough when I have everything in order. So, hopefully this year, I want to be my own boss, and start making my own money.

4. I definitely didn’t forget; I hope to graduate by the end of this year or early next year with an amazing result. The kind that has an exclamation mark😂 So I can prepare for my Masters😊

5. My birthday is next month😄 turning 19 with my twin; that’s already an achievement😀 Very soon, I’ll be a full adult. Although I’m scared of starting my life on my own; and doing adult stuff.

6. My goal is also to finish writing at least one novel this year so “when the time is right”, I can have published novels, a poetry book; and have my play acted out as well.

7. Probably a stupid goal, but I want to grow taller than I already am. So I’ll find a way or what I can do to grow rapidly. I know some ways to do that, but I need more. I want to be really tall; like 5’5 or higher. *10 more crazy goals to go*

8. This is probably impossible because it has never happened but, I want to put on a little weight this year. While other people want to lose weight, I want to gain a little weight, and maybe finally weigh up to 50. Yes, I’ve never weighed up to 50; I’m always in the 45 range. So disappointing!

9. I also want to save up for no reason; I just want to make it a habit again and limit the way I spend money on some cravings💶

10. The craziest goal so far; I want to learn more about makeup. I basically know very little, like almost nothing about makeup. I don’t even know how to shapen my brows 😂 I don’t know what a bronzer, highlighter, and some makeup stuff look like.

11. My other goal is to finally be a YouTuber. I have to first get over my fear of being recorded; and having people watch it. So I’ll practice really hard. Who’ll subscribe to my YouTube channel when I finally take that scary step?😀 

12. I guess my level of not caring is over the chart😅 so I’ll try my best to care about things, and people. I don’t know if that’s a resolution or a goal; but it’s on the list.

13. My goal is to accept myself the way I am. I thought about my biggest insecurity yesterday and I realised I hated it. But I have to accept myself; my flaws and all. And just love myself the way I am😊 It’ll be an accomplishment when I do because whenever someone says crap, I can give them the finger 😂

14. After discussing with my blogger friends, my next goal is to finally make it public that I’m a blogger and just stop hiding it or doing it in secret. I could go off on anyone who criticizes my blog; plus I’m not friends with so many people so letting it out will be so difficult. But I’ll have to try really hard to check this off my list.

15. My next goal is to find love. Sike! Just kidding😂 I’m not up for drama. My next goal is to take more pictures. I barely take pictures of things like I used to; so I’ll change that. I just want to get back into photography; especially nature photography, so I can post them.

16. I hope to create a name for myself hopefully this year; or maybe next year. I want to stop being “a/that girl” and be “the girl.” Everything sounds better with “the;” it gives it a firm and more important feel; if you know what I mean.

17. I saved the best and most important for last. As a Christian, what I want more than anything at this point is to feel God’s presence in my life because without Him, I’m nothing. This will be the best thing I can achieve on my list. 

This has to be the weirdest, yet normal goals I’ve ever written; no wonder I never write about my goals😅 Although it was a lot; but I do have a lot of goals; weird and all. I have to check so many things off my list so I’ll write a post whenever I achieve something on this list. Have you guys set any goals? Or achievements? Or resolution? I just feel like this will be a year of fun😊 Hopefully. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Believe in yourself and get there. Trusting in God has helped me thrive through college. I hope to graduate in May of 2018. One of my goals in 2017 is help save my club from failing and hope my blog become even more successful

  2. Really great set of goals, posting videos on YouTube is something I really wanna try out too but just too scared to start, working towards it though. May God grant you grace to achieve your goals

  3. I’ve got bad news for you, you won’t grow any taller 😀 You just have to accept it.But being short is not a bad thing. Saving money for no reason is a good goal. Good luck with your goals if they come true or not.

  4. All of these goals are achievable if you believe in them. Best wishes for the future…THE blogging girl. Get yourself out there, don’t worry about what others think 🙂

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