I haven’t seen your

Picture; not even the one 

I saved in my phone. I 

Haven’t heard from you in

Days. I haven’t read our 

Previous chats either; but

I don’t have the courage to

Delete them yet. I still see

Your name but I don’t hope

Anymore – hoping is like

Waiting for it to rain in

The desert. There is no use.

I know I’m supposed to 

Understand why you chose her, but

I don’t. I never will. Maybe you could

Just tell me a lie; while I 

Let go forever. You could cut

The rope and let me fall.

– Okoto Enigma 

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  1. Just because he chose her doesn’t make her any better or you any less. I’m really glad that person is not in your life anymore. Remember, not everything you lose is a loss. It is better this way, trust me. ❤

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