​I should’ve written this post last year; but I didn’t. Since it’s happening again in 2017, I decided to write about it. I’m not referring to anyone but if the shoes fits, wear it. If you don’t know what that means then watch more movies😂or just Google it. So where do I start? I don’t know if I’m way too nice or just letting people use me to their advantage for what they want. I know when people want to; but I let it happen anyway because I feel like I’m helping out. And once they get what they want, they’re gone. Typical human nature😒 I barely ask for help from anyone the way people do from me; if anyone wants to contradict me, lay down your argument; and I will. I never lose😀 I love arguments and I never back out no matter what. 

I should really take this seriously because I’m getting so tired of it😅 As I was saying, if you need help from most people, they’ll charge you. Even bloggers; that’s how most of them make money, among other means; I’ve seen it. I can charge for my expertise or whatever as well; but I don’t  (on second thought…hold that thought), because I’m like “God gave me, so why not give?” But when they get what they want and they disappear or when I finally ask for help which probably has a 10% chance of happening, and I don’t get it in return, it’s really selfish, stupid, and annoying. The worse is picking a fight with me after getting what you want. I mean I know the tricks;  I just don’t say it because it’ll end in denial. 

So, technically, in order to avoid getting used and letting them feel like they’re way smarter than me, and I don’t know what they’re doing it, I’ll either say “NO” which is my favourite word, or charge for my work which is a good idea. I don’t have a problem helping anyone; I feel happy doing it; but, I have a problem with feeling and getting used. So this is my rule. You either dance to the tune, or walk out; I’m nice, but you don’t want to get on my bad side at all. No one enjoys getting used; and I’m fed up with fake friendships just for what they want.

I stay up really late looking for how I’ll succeed in things and reading so many articles because that’s my quiet time; while they sleep soundly. When I succeed, they want the short way in; and they never helped out or anything. So from now, my rule stands for basically anyone; whether it’s for blogging or not. I have other things to do with my time wasted. I probably typed this with a lot of anger but I’m cool now. Literally cool, like cold; freezing😅

I created this picture while I was up late and bored

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        1. Sudden change in attitude, only wanting to chat or talk when they need something, being way to nice, not finding an offense in anything you say or do until after you’ve helped them, and so on

          1. I’m sorry this has happened to you and I hope no one feels this way about me. Because, I know very well what it’s like to be used. In fact, I’ve had malicious users use me and claim I’m using them.

  1. I get your feeling
    It’s awful to feel used when all you wanted to do is to be nice
    All the same, its time for you to set boundaries to your niceness
    But keep being you because, because being you is being nice


  2. I mostly read poetry..But when it comes to your writings, I just can’t scroll down without reading. It’s so relative..Keep up! 🙂
    And that last picture is great! 🙂

  3. Yeah, that’s just how people are. I know it’s unfortunate. I agree with the lady above, you have to set boundaries. What has helped me is only helping those I don’t expect to get anything back in return from. Simply just doing it out the kindness of my heart, then move on. Don’t worry, keep doing good. Karma catches up to you! And you should be a lawyer!

  4. Yeah I know how you feel with folks charging for blogging tips, but they gotta put food on the table too. The way I see it you just have to keep searching for people who will help you out for free. I’ve been getting a couple people asking me for advice on how to grow their blogs now 😂 so I plan on writing a little post with blogging tips.

  5. Unfortunately, if you are too nice, people will run over you. You’re awesome and you don’t deserve that, nor should you tolerate it. I enjoyed reading this post and I like the picture. 😃

  6. I feel like I get used too sometimes and it really hurts. It hurts being taken for granted. So, I hear ha! Don’t let it make you hard. Just find good people to help who will reciprocate and genuinely thank you.

  7. Noone is taking advantage of you. You’re not too nice. You just have problem defining boundaries. I used to feel this way before, I help and it seems like I’ve been turned to a helping machine and nothing more. So what’s the point of helping when it’s not from the heart, or if I’d have to do it grudgingly.
    Then I realized something. I learnt, in secondary school, that not saying “please” or “thank you” doesn’t change whether a person is nice or not. Same applies here

  8. I get what you mean about people using you for help and then dropping you like a hot rock once you’ve helped them.New year,time to let them people go ✨

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