I haven’t written about my goals for 2017; but I did a post on 16 things I learned from 2016. This is my reflection post of how 2016 was; the not so good and the bad. I’ll try to make it brief and short. I guess I’ll have to write something for every month so here goes.

January: It was like a normal month; but I got a new phone and at first it started off good. I cut my hair and ended up regretting it😅. I went back to school for my second year and still hated it. There was nothing special about January; it was horrible and boring. I feel ill and it was horrible; I took a lot of drugs. I hated everything at that moment because I felt bad. Worse way to start my year. 

February: I was getting better after falling sick; and I resumed lectures. I was also planning my birthday. It was my second birthday without my twin or my crazy little sisters; I really didn’t enjoy it. I celebrated it but I wasn’t happy doing it; I didn’t have any friends there so it wasn’t even fun.

March: I was learning to make friends in school after having barely any friend for a year. 

The first few months of 2016 was actually kind of sad and depressing. I had barely any friends, I didn’t get along well with my sisters, I had sleepless nights, I was basically depressed and alone for a while so I’ll jump to the fun part. Although I got sick again😕

September: I created my blog. I started with blogger but I didn’t understand a thing! So I moved to WP and it was way better. I started posting whatever without having a clue of what my blog was about. That was how my blogging jorney began. 

October: On October 4th which was my blogs one month anniversary, I wrote an appreciation post. Some days later, I got 100 total likes and later on, I reached 100 followers as well. October was my sister’s birthday and my late aunt’s birthday as well. I wrote a tribute to my late aunt, and I felt depressed remembering her. It was really difficult. My blog was also growing at that time as I had things sorted out so it wasn’t too difficult for me. Every milestone was a huge success for me. I had my most views in a day, most likes in a day and most follows in a day. 

November: In November, I was already connecting with so many bloggers; it felt great whenever someone complimented my work. I got 500 likes in total, then 1000 and immediately 1337 likes; I had written my 100th post as well. I had also gotten 200 followers; then 500 followers. It felt really great! Blogging was really amazing! I also created the Mystery Blogger Award; and I had my most likes as well. I started writing lots of poems too; it was my therapy. 

December: My third month of blogging. It was a busy month for me; or probably just a lazy month😂. I created an app for my blog which was published on Amazon, I started my third year in uni, I made a lot of friends in the blogosphere who I chat with on different social networks. I got to 1000 followers on my blog, my blog was ranked one million something in the world. I was and I’m still seen as a professional blogger by most people when I still feel like a newbie😅 And I started working on a new project that’ll take a while for now. I ended the year with food😅; burger, icecream, turkey and juice. I’m still skinny😊

Although 2016 didn’t start off well, when I created my blog, things got better. I’ve made a lot of blogger friends who are better than most of the friends I’ve had. I stopped talking to many people during the course of 2016 but my blog, and most of the people I met made me realise they weren’t worth it. I’m glad I met most of you; I can’t possibly name everyone but they know themselves 😊 Thank you all for  2016 and your friendship. I hope 2017 brings more joy to our lives. My birthday is next month so hopefully this time it’ll be better😉

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  1. You had a tough year but you pushed through, I’m so proud of you. As for not having friends, that’s perfectly OK. I only have one friend in university so I really value my time with her. Happy New Year!

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