It’s Not This Time of Year Without… making a wish!😊 My mind is flooded with so many things just by looking at this picture. But, the only wish I’d love to make is to be happy. Thats what I want.😇 

What do you guys wish for?

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  1. I wish they could have less commercials on the radio and on TV.The reason why I don’t watch movies on TV is because of those.They spoil a good movie.

  2. hi okoto, i was replying to you in comments when my phone lagged, then it was gone before i even finish my message, i wasn’t sure if it was sent or not.. anyway, i want to reach you somehow that’s why i’ll just send you a message here (i hope it’s alright).. my apologies about not mentionioning you in my post ‘mystery blogger award,’ it was my first time so i copied and paste it thinking that i copied it exactly the same.. i already checked and edited my post. thanks so much for bringing it to my attention, i really appreciate it since i still have a lot to learn into the bloggers world and i also want to do things right. more blessings to you and more power to your blog.💖💝💕

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