Starting and owning a blog or changing directions/rebranding can be extremely daunting, especially if you’re a perfectionist. You want your content to be perfect, you want to have everything scheduled ahead of time, and you want the marketing to be just “right”. You want a lot of traffic and everything. It’s exhausting! 

Questions like, ‘What niche should I be in? What theme do I want? What platforms should I join? How often should I post? What should I blog about?’ flood your mind as you sit there wasting time contemplating. I know because I’ve changed my theme 4 times already; my header image, 7 times and my background, 5 times. So, here are some steps on how to blog when you don’t know where to start:

Just do it:

Don’t wait until you have all your ducks in a row. Starting a blog is like starting a family; you’re never fully prepared. There is no right time, theme, method, or niche to blogging. As long as you’re putting quality stuff out there on a consistent basis, it will catch on. When you start blogging, bunch of ideas will flow; and you’ll find yourself posting things you didn’t know you would be interested in; like me. According to Steve Harvey’s video about success, he said, “if you want to fly you have to jump”. He then went on to say that your parachute won’t open right away, but it will never open if you don’t jump. So if you want to start blogging, but you don’t know where to start, just start. Jump. Start pumping out content and the rest will fall into place. I waited for so long before I created a blog; after I did it, I started wondering why I didn’t do it sooner.

Produce content you’re passionate about:

If you want to blog about fashion, food, a country, or several topics, do with it with all the love in the world. When your readers see that you’re passionate about your topic, they will want more. That not only drives traffic to your site; it also brings followers as well. But you have to be active. When you’repassionate about something, it flourishes and grows faster.

I find fun in my blog; it has almost become a full time thing because I love it; and I’m passionate about everything I do. That’s why I’ve reached so many milestones in so little time. If you’re not passionate about your blog, then you need to find inspiration. Inspiration is important for every blogger and writer. 

Don’t force it:

This goes along with being passionate. Anything that is forced is never fun whether it’s a relationship, career, blog, friendship, etc. People can sense “weird vibes” even through a computer screen. No matter how hard you try, if you’re not feeling it, no one will. Just relax and post whatever you like. You just need ro enjoy yourself and post whatever rocks your boat. You might think that no one will read your post; well we all have that fear at first; but, with time, things change. Stick to what you know best and everything will work out.

Your blogging has to come naturally: 

Once you figure out your passion, there will be nothing forced about it, and, you’ll find your niche. It might take some time though. And, some people find their niche right off, but other bloggers need to experiment a little more. Don’t rush it or stress yourself too much. Something that is forced ends up failing.

I hope these few tips help out; especially for new bloggers or people thinking about starting a blog. Just let everything flow; have fun with whatever you do, and just be happy doing it. A blog is like a baby; it takes time to master and get used to. But, when you create a bond; and make friends in the blogosphere, everything becomes a lot easier.

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    1. Dear! Well said! I mean seriously!💯💯💯💯i Agree!
      Write from your Heart and the rest will follow…you wi’ll see…
      Great post! This post is very helpfull especially for the ones that want to enter the Blogworld. Ohw yesssssss!

      Hugz Miss B😙

    2. Good thoughts. When I started my blog, I knew I had to write something that matters to me. That is why I have a musical and spiritual themed blog. When I started blogging in December, I felt like no one would want to read my blog. But I now realize that my blog is successful and people do comment and like my posts and have about 70 followers

      1. Thanks for the comment 😊. I’m glad your blog is doing well. When I started blogging last month, I felt that way too. We all feel like no one will read our posts but they do. Look at where we all are now😀. Inspiration and determination is the key. Keep blogging👍

    3. i stopped by because you favoured a comment,

      i find this some what interesting that people read comments of others?

      About starting to blog, you’re very right, jump right inn, everything will be fine, in no time!


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