This post has been long over due. This time of the year reminds me of a trip I took last year; the best trip to say. No stories because I hate long stories😅. It was the first place I’ve travelled to; besides school, without my parents, and it was fun! It was the festive season so everywhere was decorated with lights, and other festive things. I barely took pictures of myself with anything (except with the food😂) because taking pictures of everything was the kind of memory I wanted to have. Luckily, I have the pictures so I’ll share some of them with you guys. 

Bottom of the tree in the supermarket. Taken downstairs
Top of the tree in the supermarket. Taken upstairs
Outside the supermarket
Man-made lake at the park; it was really huge. Didn’t go on the boat😅
First hotel: entrance
First hotel: reception
Second hotel: somewhere in the building 😅
Second hotel: back entrance; or somewhere 😅
Second hotel: somewhere downstairs
Second hotel: pool side

Quick rundown: In the second hotel, we ordered pizza (not posting the picture 😅), we went to the arts and craft section where we bought some beautiful hand made jewelleries, we went to play by the swing (which I hadn’t done in a really long time; still not posting the picture😉), and we ate a lot. I enjoyed sitting by the pool side too. The other pictures speak for themselves. At the supermarket, we bought a lot of things; mostly food😀. And at the first hotel, not really fun; we went for a pool party and I took selfies in the bathroom😅 and the bedroom as well. 

What do you guys think? Do you like the photos? New chit chat post coming up in 3 hours😀 you wouldn’t want to miss it😉

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