Hey everyone. I realised; more like I know that I barely say anything about myself. Although I’ve said something about myself; click here to check it out. My blog isn’t a lifestyle blog; that’s why I don’t talk about myself or post my pictures(that’s what its for right?); it’s more of a mixture of so many things. And also, I barely know anything about you guys. So today, I think we should have a discussion so we get to know eachother very well. Not a serious discussion though because I barely take any discussion/conversation seriously as I get bored a lot😅. This is just a chit chat where everyone gets to introduce and say something about themselves in the comment section.

I’ll start by saying something about myself. My name (not full name though) is Okoto Oke Enigma. I am an 18 year old girl; turning 19 next year😀; I have a twin sister, and we look nothing alike. I study English Literature, and I can’t wait to graduate 😅. I started writing when I was 10 years old, but I started with novels. I stopped writing for 4 or 5 years, until I started writing again late last year. I’ve written between 60-80 poems, a play, and I’m half way through two novels. I started blogging three months ago, and I love doing it almost as much as I love food😍. I love research, so I stay up late in the night looking for important things to store😊 they’re really helpful things. My favourite colour is black and my worse colours are brown and pink (too much pink gives me goosebumps). Black on black is the best way to dress. My bed is my favourite place to be, and I love watching tv. Music is my everything (but who doesn’t love music?😅). I love solitude. I love joking around, and laughing a lot; but I have a temper, which I try to keep under control. I’m an introvert, and some times I have mood swings; a lot. My favourite subject is Mathematics (a bit strange; based on my course), and I love drawing as well. I started drawing when I was little, but I became really good when I was 10 (I guess 10 was my lucky age😄). I don’t do things to get people’s sympathy or their pity; I actually hate when someone pitys or feels sorry for me; that’s why I don’t talk about my issues or problems with anyone. I resolve everything on my own. I also hate talking about myself😄. And, lastly, I hope to someday be a professional blogger who makes millions from her blog which for now is just a hobby. I don’t post pictures of myself on my blog; but I’ll do it for today only.

A picture of me🙈

That’s all I can say for now😅. But that’s quite a lot. Now its up to you guys. Introduce or say something about yourself in the comment section. I’d love to know something about all of you😉. It doesn’t matter how crazy it is; the crazier the better😅. If you also want to know more about me, leave your questions in the comment section and I’ll answer them. If you guys enjoy the chit chat; we can do it again.😉

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  1. I’m an introvert with a blog (how stereotypical of me I know.) Music is my life, green tea speaks to my soul, and I live to write. My favorite color changes every now and then but right now it’s a nice deep shade of navy. One last thing: I want to fight the stigmas and misconceptions around mental health.

  2. I’m an introvert who likes to be with other people as much as I like to be alone. I have been writing since I was 14. I used to be a singer/song writer all through high school. I have been writing TV series for 9 years now (A struggling writer, nothing new) and I am currently working as copywriter. I rarely tell people anything about my past (I have posted a few on my blog). I love music, it keeps me sane. I make up story in my head all the time and I use music to shut it off. I have a younger brother and 10 half-siblings (I know) and a lot of cousins. I am not close with my family I rarely talk to them….

    1. 10 siblings; wow! I also make up stories in my head as well😅 maybe one day I’ll get to watch a movie produced by you; you never know where you’ll end up. Don’t ever give up; I always say that to myself (along with some other things). Thanks for sharing 😀

      1. Yeah you might. Scriptwriting is my first love and I always go back to it no matter what. I wrote my first play when I was 15 for my youth group and ended up directing it 😁😁 other things have a way of showing up. You shared (a lot) too 😉😉

          1. I have already seen my work on tv (TV Series & a TVC) 😁😁😁 having the ideas in the head is the first step, now you just need to put them on paper make them real 😉😉😉

          2. Damn (sorry about my language, after all you’re only 18 😉😉😉) I will wait for when they done…I have tried to write novels but those things are not easy hence why I’m impressed you are doing 3

          3. I’m not kidding. That is something I should have shared too. Sometimes I have to stop what I’m just to pick up a call 😁😁😁

      1. Human Resources when it was all said and done. I started my federal career at the ripe old age of 16. Started out as student and then worked in administration jobs. Went to college at 27 to continue my professional track in HR.

          1. Thank you so much for engaging with us and wanting to know about us. You have impressive things happening. Continue on your path. Maybe you and Issa may produce and write a movie together. 🙂

  3. Hi all, I’m something of an introvert, but my work has made me able to “pass” among normal folk! I still like having a lot of time and space to myself, and love reading getting out in the fresh air. I’ll read anything good, but find myself drawn to science-fiction more than other genres. I think I’m fascinated by seeing things that don’t exist now, but might in the future. I’m from Ireland, and am, basically, an English-language teacher, which is why I blog all about English. I can also speak Irish, some French, and a tiny bit of Italian, and while I love language in general, the richness of English always inspires me.

  4. Hi! Nice to know more about you. I’m pretty bad when it comes to the question ‘tell me about yourself’ because there are times I feel that I’m just a passing wind. Even so, for the sake of commenting, I’ll share!

    I’m a content editor for a mobile social media app. I like to write and still have more to learn. 😀

  5. I’m a major risk-taker according to my friends, but actually they are calculated risks. My top goal in life is to have fun–I think that is actually the most spiritual and self-actualized, compassionate way to live. Weird, huh? I love to wear black, but purple is probably my favorite. I’m an introvert, but you’d never know it: I trained myself to be outgoing and sociable. When I don’t feel that way, i just isolate. Which is why I live alone. With four cats. I love to read and travel and hang out with trees and breath-taking architecture. I’m a grab-bag of contradictions. 🙂

  6. I’m also an introvert or maybe a combination of shy and introvert. Anyway, I started this blog so I can actually connect with other people when I feel I need the support of others…I guess more of an introvert huh?? LOL! Anyway, I love your blogs! <3

  7. Hey, my name is Annie. But honestly, my real name is Lara. I have a little bit of truest issues, ADHD, and an allergy to gluten. Music and surfing is my life, oh also acting. <3

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