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Hey everyone; I did “share your link Friday” post last week; click here to check it out! I also want to inform everyone that this is the lastshare your link Fridaypost I’ll do. I’ll still do more “share your link” posts where you guys get to promote your blog by yourself. But, I can no longer share people’s link; which is what “share your link Friday” is all about. I started this to share people’s link and help them promote their blog; but now it just feels like most people are using me to their advantage, in order to promote their blog which isn’t really how I planned for things to be (no offense to anyone). I can’t really explain it but I know what I mean by that. So after this “share your link Friday” post, I’ll no longer promote or share anyone’s link except I want to. I’ll provide a medium for everyone to self promote their blog’s by themselves. 

To the business of the day. Here’s how it’s done; I’ll share the link to a random number of sites. You, the readers, have to visit their site; follow, like a post, leave a comment if necessary, and show some love. You can leave your sites url in the comment section for people to visit your site; but I won’t be able to share it. 

Remember; you have to check out everyone’s blog; both the shared ones and the ones in the comment section. If your link isn’t correct, please specify. 

Today’s links are:


That’s all for today. Don’t forget to check out everyone’s link. Have a great day!😊

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  1. Thanks for sharing my link. I have found such marvelous blogs to follow through this sharing of yours. I get why you won’t do the mass shares anymore, and just wanted to say thanks for doing it as long as you did. You Rock Baby!

  2. Thank you ever so much for Share the link. I have started following a lot of your writers, not all, but a fair majority. The one I really want to follow is Suzieland. For some reason I can’t find the button on her site to follow her. Anyway, I will keep up reading your blogs and would love it if you did the same to mine.

  3. Sad to see it go, but totally understand why! I’ve found so many sites through this, and many have found me, too. Looking forward to what else your blog’s future has in store!

    (I’m Laidig, a playwright/performer from Scotland. When I’m not seeing shows, reviewing them, or creating work of my own, I share photography as a backup plan. ).

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