​My heart told me

It was all over.

I had to stop writing about

You as proof.

I stopped waiting for you,

And I stopped expecting 

A text.

I stopped thinking 

About you and wondering

If you were happy

Because I knew you were;

Without me.

I accepted my fate.

Until I saw your picture, and

My heart lit up.

Every nerve in my body

Jumped for joy. 

But I told myself it

Would never happen. 

And, I ended up writing this poem

About you. Knowing you

Won’t see it.

– Okoto Enigma

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  1. Hmmm! And what makes you feel he won’t read this? You never know, he just could be one of the many secret readers of your blog posts. Afterall ur blog is popular.
    By the way, It’s really a nice piece and I enjoyed reading every bit of it.
    I somehow hope he gets to read it too😋

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