What can I say about Tantei😅. One of my favourite blogger and poet. You were my first follower when I created my blog on September 4th, 2016. You followed my blog that very day; a miracle😅. You reached out to me as we were both newbies to WP, and we became friends. You helped me out with different things because I knew basically nothing😂😂. I was almost like a pest, until I decided to venture out and learn everything on my own. You’re like my blogging sister, and my really crazy friend because you say a lot of hilarious stuff. You’re a really amazing and talented writer; and I love your work. I Treasure our crazy friendship😅. I also miss your old blog. We started together, and hopefully, we’ll finish together; except your craziness takes over😂😂. It feels so great interviewing a great friend, especially you; goddess Tantei, god of impossibilities. You add the “fun” to “funny“. Thanks for this interview; I can’t wait to read it so I can laugh; although your picture is just the beginning😂😂

Monkey in a tree😂😂

1. What is your blog about? My blog Wanderlust is mostly about random things I think about as I go about my day, really. And also, snapshots of my life. How my day is (or how I am) written in rhymes. 

2. When and why did you decide to start a blog?
I started my first blog on August 19, 2016. Deleted it somewhere in October 2016 and started my second blog, this one, on October 16, 2016. I have always been passionate about writing and sharing my works with friends. It all started with a poem, and look where I am now? 🙂 I started the blog just for fun, really. Too soon to tell yet, but I am having a lot of fun with this. It’s a hobby I am very much proud to waste most of my allowance on. Hah!

3. Where do you see your blog 2 years from now? I have ambitions but I am no stranger to reality, too. 2 years from now? If my writing pace is constant, I’d have written 2000 posts by then! And hopefully I’d have a lot of followers and friends from the blogging world by then, maybe even meet some of them. But I’m pretty sure it’s still going to be a hobby I’m proud to waste my phone bills on. 😉

4. How far have you gone since you started blogging? And what do you hope to gain? Hmmm… Let’s see. So far, so good. Over 300 followers, two digit number awards, 1000+ likes, invitations, good friends, amazing articles, lessons learned, and better writing. Can it get better than that? What I hope to gain is… obviously more of those. And yeah, a whole lot of others. *wink*

5. What inspires you to blog? What implies a thing. Who implies a person. Should I answer with a thing? Or a person? 

*insert me waiting for a response from you here*

*insert me listening to your supposed response*

Okay then… Blog inspirations come from anywhere, actually. A fellow blogger’s post, a line from a book I’ve read, a day in the life, random kids I see in the street, the annoying news on the television, you name it! Seasons come and go but ideas are everywhere! 

6. What is the easiest about blogging? And what do you find the most difficult? The easiest thing to do is click the “publish” button. The most difficult thing to experience is seeing that blinking cursor taunt you. It’s horrifyingly exciting. The cursor keeps taunting me and I just stare at it sometimes, letting it. 

7. Who has impacted you the most in blogging and why? Too soon to tell. What I do (write) outside the blogging world is kinda different than my blog posts, and I have noone in my closest circle that blogs (on a serious level) but we’re pretty much… all writers, so… do friends and family count? Most of my peers encourage me always; giving me constructive criticism and my mom’s wit and sarcasm and dad’s literal take on things help bring me ideas most of the time. Blog posts from fellow bloggers have also impacted me, I guess. Ronald Weasley may as well be on the top of the list, if you’re pushy about it. Haha!

8. What is your advice to new bloggers and to everyone out there? A general advice would be just to keep writing. If you visit my blog, the home page says it all. Write, because…. 

Thanks, Enigma! 🙂

You’re welcome😂😂😂And I thought your picture was crazy!!! Until I read this. No wonder we’re friends😂😂. If this was a tv show, I probably would’ve laughed my guts out because of your response. It’s so lifelike and so you! Thanks for this crazy and hilarious interview 😀. You always deliver as expected. Hey guys don’t forget to check out her blog; it’s really lovely and amazing!😉

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  1. I don’t rememer it this hilarious. Haha. Thank you, Enigma. It is always a pleasure to put smiles on people’s faces. Looking forward to more fun-filled memories. Great thing we both got going! 🙂

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    Have fun reading my crazy interview!

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