Today was one of those horrible days when it just feels like it isn’t my day. Really horrible morning. So here’s what happened. Long story short; I wanted to get a ride to school; and on entering the vehicle, my bag got stuck. I turned around to get it and when I turned back, someone’s elbow forcefully hit my nose. It was a really horrible and painful blow. I couldn’t stop holding my nose because the pain was severe! It was really really painful; especially because it was unexpected and so sudden. Luckily,  I wasn’t bleeding; I checked severally. I only had; and still have a headache because of the force and impact of the blow to my nose. Although the pain is no longer serious, I can still feel it, and it hurts.

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  1. I’ve been thwacked across the nose by a hanging disco ball on someone’s backpack and let me tell you it HURTS. It’s such an insanely sensitive part of your face especially if you weren’t suspecting the blow. Ice it and try not to cry. 🙂 Stay strong!

  2. thing is, if you can endure the pain of everything it will be shortlived. and get past it, see the humor of it and get a perspective of things. Bad luck, good luck, its all how we reflect on that and just learn.

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