​If you follow and read my blog, you’ll know that I write poems a lot; and inspiration comes to me like a wave too😊. Well, when I saw the daily post challenge; “Mind the gap“, despite being unable to participate for some unknown reason😒, I immediately got inspired by the word “gap” and I started writing. But, my muse for this poem is a great and amazing blogger; Aashish Mahajan, who’s love story (blog post) is really touching and inspiring; his blog is Life: It’s complicated; which I love so much!! While I was writing this poem, his story popped into my mind and it made it so much easier for me to find the right words to use. I love your blog Aashish😀

I was stuck between

The distance that 

Separates the both of us.

But I didn’t Mind the Gap;

Neither did I doubt my

Love for you.

The distance meant nothing

As long as there

Was a little ray of hope.

The dime light

At the end of the tunnel

Was my salvation.

The miles were just a number

Which I counted each time

I felt closer to you.

Even if we’re a million miles apart,

Or half way across the world;

Even if we’re a in a different planet, 

Or in a different world,

I still wouldn’t mind the gap;

Because my heart feels closer to you

With each breath I take.

– Okoto Enigma 

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