​First of all, if you reblog this post you help me, I help you and you help your readers, so everyone wins.

There are a lot of great blogs out there and we are missing them because they are not visible to us yet. That’s why I want to encourage everyone to share their blog’s link with me so that I can read and hopefully many other bloggers will as well. This is also a good opportunity for you to get some new readers, followers, and also drive traffic to your site. We all want to spread our message, ideas amd experiences to the world;  and get readers; this is a great way to start.

So, leave your blog’s link as a comment and l’ll definitely try to read it and spread some love. I also encourage everyone to read each others blogs to get inspired and, thereby, spread positivity amongst one another. You never know what you’ll learn from other people’s blog and their experiences as well. So start rebloging and commenting your links. Everyone is welcome to share their links as well.

If you think others would enjoy the networking opportunities to share their links, please share on your social media, promote the link on your site, or reblog so other bloggers can join us. The more bloggers involved, the more networking opportunities for all of us. I’m looking forward to reading new blogs!!

Photo Courtesy: Okoto Enigma


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  1. A great idea, I love it when bloggers give the opportunity to share you’re blog link, as I’m always on the lookout for new blogs and interesting reads.

    Feel free to check my blog too.

    Thank you

  2. I ffound your blog through HomeHugsHuskies who I just recently began following. What an amazing way to meet people around the world. My blog is and its focus is to help those struggling with fear and darkness whether it comes from depression, grief, anger or some other challenge. Thanks for letting me share.

  3. Hello everyone, I am new here. Just began my journey through my very first blog. So, i provide the link to my little blog.
    POEMS are my little creations. Please like and share them. Thank you!

  4. Hello everyone. If you want, you can always pop at This is an online cartoon following the life of a thirty something girl living in a northern English town, who found a talking frog, promising to turn into a prince if she kisses him. Follow to see how their unlikely friendship develops.

          1. Answering this would be a spoiler! But I will anyway (cause the Facebook page does tell us that, in Lil-Ann’s words) …

            As far as I know, they are still living in a sort of inter species platonic romantic relationship, two years after the events described in the cartoon… Lil-Ann (the Lady) is one of my wife’s work colleague and I met the Frog once at a dinner party last summer. 😉

            (I should spend more time drawing the story rather than thinking about the details of the back story…)

          1. I loved your posts. It was like going back in time and learning about history; and it was interesting. I loved it just as much as you love Bob Dylan. Great job!

  5. Hi, Connecting with others in the wordpress community is a wonderful experience. My blog is a mixture of cooking, travel, photography, arts and crafts as well as weekly features on photography guessing competition, (monday mystery photo), and Proverbial Thursday, ( discussing and deconstructing pearls of wisdoms, proverbs and sayings).
    I hope you will stop by –

  6. Thank you for checking out and following my blog. I’m grateful.

    I consider myself new to blogging and I would definitely appreciate it if you could help me get other people (bloggers) read my posts thru your site.

    Here’s my link:

    Thank you in advance for the opportunity. Best of luck.


  7. Hello Enigma!

    First of all, thanks for reading a post on my blog without sharing my blog with you . . .

    This is my link:

    I hope to see you more on my blog as I promise to do on yours . . . 😉


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