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Hello everyone, I know I haven’t done this in a while to help other bloggers; and I was unable to do “Share your Link Friday”; that’s why I’m doing this. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to promote their blog in the comment section.

Here’s how it goes: you’ll introduce your blog to other bloggers in the comment section; by telling the readers about your blog if you like, and post a link to your favorite post, a recent post, your About page, your blog link, or anything you’d like. Everyone has to view someone’s blog and spread some love there. I hope others will be able to find new blogs to read and new bloggers/friends to connect with. I’m also looking forward to connecting with new blogs as well. Don’t forget to add https:// to your url; it’s important. 

Note: You are welcome to return as often as you’d like to leave as many links as possible. The more links you leave, the better.

If you think others will like to promote their blog, please share on your social media, promote the link on your site, or reblog so other bloggers can join us. The more bloggers involved, the more networking opportunities for all of us. Don’t only leave your link; check out other blogs as well; like their post, comment, and follow. Spread some love and create a friendly community.

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    The most recent posts are in response to emotional healing. Several other posts are a bit more upbeat. My blog is so titled because it consists of Meditations – Insights – Random Ruminations – Observations – Reflections…MIRROR 😉

    Don’t forget to visit the home page and the about page for clarity

  2. Good Day,

    So at the moment I have two different blogs: MySweetShenanigans which is my imperfect journey in the baking/confectionary world:

    Authen Beauty is about real authentic expression from myself and encouraging that from people and working our way towards being the beauty that God would have us to be :

    In advance, Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog(s) ~

  3. Good Morning Everyone!

    I have started my blog lately to try to grow as a writer. I write often about my wife and my son, but I also am trying to grow more as an intellectual.

    You can check out my website here:

    Also, if you all listen to podcasts, please check out mine here (even if you disagree with my thoughts):

    Please feel free to leave comments or questions on different episodes.

    Here is my About page:


    Jerome Danner

  4. Hey guys, loving looking through everyone’s sites! I’m Laidig, a playwright/performer from Scotland. When I’m not seeing shows, reviewing them, or creating work of my own, I share photography as a backup plan. I’ve recently just finished performing a 4/5 star show under the new Artistic Director of the Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh, and shared the 2 month process from rehearsal room to stage, with pretty pictures to boot:

    Otherwise, get to know me on my about page (which is due an update, actually) and let me know you stopped by! I’m hoping to break 200 wp-followers AND sites to follow before the year is out, so any help in either department is much appreciated!

  5. Hello everyone! My name is Kailey, as you can see my username is theheartlesskailey, which doesn’t really apply to me at all, it still represents a time in my life between me and some of my friends. My blog is mainly about my own experiences including my college life. If you will, please check out my blog and tell me how I could improve with any suggestions that you have! I would really appreciate it! Here is a link!

  6. Great job Enigma, you are wonderful.

    So I started this blog with a view to express myself freely on just about anything, anyone and anyplace. I hope to make a positive impact with my writings.

    Also, it has been an opportunity for me to connect with friends, awesome writers and the international community. Welcome to the one stop blog for fun, creativity and revolutionary ideas!

    I will be happy if you read this poem written just for you

    Feel free to go through my posts. There have been just five so far. Thanks 😀

  7. This blog is about helping to heal the victims of abuse. My Passing the Pen Campaign Encouraging the victims of abuse and their abusers to speak-out about being abused.  be a part of my campaign release your pain by writing down your story. Get it out so you can start the healing process. For help: RAINN Organization 1-877-995-5247

  8. Hi guys. I am a Mommypreneur lifestyle blogger. Topic I cover on my site is Business, Budget-friendly hott happenings, Faith, Fitness, culture and travel. Check out my blog at and today’s 📪

    While I love writing, I love being getting #paidtoplay, write and being my own boss! If any of my fellow bloggers here are looking for an opportunity to increase your 💰 flow while enabling you to spend more time doing what we all love.. email me your contact info to Don’t forget to follow my blog and happy writing guys!

  9. Thanks for the opportunity to share my blog. My blog is celebrating it’s one year anniversary this week. I started out with one simple goal in mind. To create a safe place for people to explore their faith questions. I write to encourage people in their faith journey. I want to challenge you with going deeper with God and give you some connections with God that maybe you never thought of with the world around you. Here is the link, come join the ride. You won’t be bored.

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