Hey guys. As many of you don’t know 😅, I’m into photography. I love taking pictures of trees, the sun, grasses, and whatever nature produces; I just like it. Today, on my way home,  I saw a tree with few leaves 😅; and it caught my attention. Luckily, I was with my phone; so I took a picture.

It wasn’t really bright outside but it didn’t stop me. What do you guys think? Horrible??😂

You guys will see more pictures; mostly because I love watching the sun set from my balcony!

Have a nice day everyone! 😀

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  1. I too love watching sunset from my balcony. Whenever I’m working from home, I make sure to take break from work, sip tea/coffee and watch sunset 😃

  2. I love the tree photos. There are probably many stories about that tree. Wonder who has sat under there, and how much wind has that tree sustained? A big tree that has seen many seasons. 🙂

  3. I take many photos with my phone. I have a GS7. I will use the edit feature in my gallery to edit my photos or I will email them to myself and clean them up and edit them with Windows Photos or my Pictures program. Works for me for now. But sometimes raw is the way to go. It’s your blog…post what yo like 😉

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