Hello everyone. It has been quite a stressful day for me but, I still have to introduce a new guest to you guys; although this should’ve come sooner. It’s time for another Guest star. My first two guests were ladies; and again, I’m introducing another female😅. No more though; my next guest has to be a male.

Today, my guest is the beautiful owner of Life Memoirs Blog, Payal Tyagi, with whom I’ve gotten to know really well. She is kind, pretty, friendly, and a really great person. It’s a pleasure to have you here with us Payal😊. Thanks for accepting my invitation😀. 

What your blog is all about? My blog, Life Memoirs Blog is about real life experiences that I had in my life or having either personal or connected to some one. I expressed through all means in blog like long or short story, incidents, quotes, poetry and photos. I believe experience becomes memoirs when we pen them some where and that is how I named by blog.

When and why you decided to start a blog?
I started it a year before though not on regular basis but truth is truth 😀.Why I started?  I will tell a short story which is the reason behind it. Last year  while I was doing a job, I was a little frustrated because somewhere inside me I was not happy either due to Job role,company or any thing, it gave me a thought of becoming a motivational speaker by thinking that there would be many people like me. Then I spoke to various motivational speakers and they suggested to me, to express my words, and my thoughts. By writing it first, and that is how it started.

Where do I see my blog two years from now? I can only say that my dreams are high and after two years I don’t want to be called just a blogger instead a word author would be more apt.

How far you have gone since you started blogging? See if you are asking in terms of followers, not much far because I was not a person who post once a week. I used to post once a month or twice but yes  when I started I used to ask my friends that read the blog and give me feedback but after some time I got my blogger friends who started giving me feedback and encouragement on their own. Now I don’t need to ask people after I publish, friends admire me themselves. This is an achievement for me. I recently posted a quote by Randy Pausch, that “size of audience does not matter, what matters is your audience is listening” and this is my faith and reality too.

What inspires you to blog? Lessons I learned from life with experiences, moments, all inspired and inspires me to blog. From every bad situation which happened to me or others whom I know I find positive and blog I about it, so that other people facing same situation may come out of it with positive attitude.

What is easiest about blogging and what do you find most difficult? Easiest is sharing and shaping your ideas because there are no norms, and no boundaries on what you wanna write. It’s your personal blog. Difficult; is to get applause which you can’t ask from other people, they will themselves decide on the basis and quality of your work. If they admire you, that means you are on the right track.

Who has impacted you the most in blogging and why? People around me, because happy or sad moments, frustrations or inspirations, we receive from them only. Incase you are asking about other bloggers there are many including you 😀

What is your advice to new bloggers and everyone out there? For new bloggers I will suggest to be regular and follow daily post prompts and write on them. For every one I will say I can’t ask you to make everyone happy around you, but atleast try to make a few people happy. In a nutshell share love, happiness, and grief too but in positive way. That’s it.

Thanks Enigma for sharing this platform with me 😘😍

You’re welcome Payal😄. Thanks for the interview. Using your experience as a muse for your blog is quite interesting because kinda I do the same; mostly with my poems; and it’s always easy to relate to someone else’s story; that’s why your blog is lovely. I definitely wish you the best!

We’ll definitely talk after this😃. Don’t forget to check out her blog guys; you’ll love it as much as I do, maybe even more. 

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  1. Hey Enigma. I am just overwhelmed, don’t have more words to say 😊
    And tears are ready to come down through my eyes 😀😀.
    Thanks darling for making me feel as if I am a celebrity,because only celebrities gives interview ….lol
    Lots of love for you
    Have a nice day.

  2. Reblogged this on Welcome To Life Memoirs blog and commented:
    Good evening everyone,

    Today is one of the awesome day of my life

    & I am delighted to share this…..:)

    It seems like a dream turned in to reality .Blogging is my passion ,addiction and everything now and when I got interviewed for it ,it became an achievement for me as well.

    Thank you Enigma for providing me such an amazing opportunity <3❤

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