You might be wondering; “is there somewhere or something every blogger must check?” The answer is yes. And that’s your spam comments. How many times do you;  as a blogger, check your spam comments daily? I check my spam comments every time. Why? Because sometimes wordpress moves people’s comment there for some reason. And, when someone comments on your blog, and they see that their comment isn’t visible, they’ll think you deleted or ignored it; and that’s not cool at all. Sometimes, because you have to approve everyone’s comment on your blog, you don’t check your spam comments. That’s why I’ll advice every blogger to set their site to automatically approve every comment; and also, to check their spam comments daily; or as often as you can. I bet if you check it now, you’ll see different comments from different bloggers. 




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  1. Yes and sometimes its a comment from a blogger that I have already approved and they have left comments to me before with no problem..I too check it daily..what a thoughtful post this is! 🙂

    1. It’s in the comment section in the WP app. You know the big W in a circle next to the reader icon; when you click there, you’ll see comments. Where the comment is written like “all” “approved”, you’ll find the spam comments when you click the top (it has a fat arrow facing down)

          1. Check a comment I left there; I told someone how to check it. But just in case, you know where you go to check your stats; that W next to the reader. You’ll see comments when you click the W in a circle. You’ll see comments like “all” or “pending” or “approved” click that top. You’ll see spam there

          2. Thank you

            I don’t seem to have all comments under W when I select comments so I’ll try it from online to double check just incase.

            Thank you for you’re help.

  2. Omg!! Yes, you’re completely right , Enigma. I just found some spam cmts there out . It’s big means to me. Thank you so much for this incredible info. You’re a little angel. 🙂

          1. When you click it, you’ll see comments there; directly under pages. Click comments. At the top, you might see “all”, “pending”, “approved” or whatever. Click that top. You’ll see spam

          2. If you want to set your comment to automatically approve, go to settings. Under settings, you’ll see Discussions; and under that, you’ll see more. Click more. Scroll down a little and you’ll see where to set it

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