​The thing about being perfect is that no one is perfect. If everyone was perfect, no one would go under the knife, get botox, go to the gym/work out, or even go on a diet. But, society make it seem like everone has to be perfect; and, gradually, they make someone feel so bad about themselves that they become insecure. People become so insecure that they can barely look at themselves in the mirror without pointing out their flaws. And, it really shouldn’t matter if we have boobs/no boobs, cheek bones/not, butt/no butt, big or small eyes, big belly/not, big or small lips, abs/not. It shouldn’t even matter if we’re fat, skinny, handicapped, paraplegic, or autistic; if we’re suffering from anxiety, depression, OCD or any disorder. None of that should matter. We don’t have to be perfect for anyone. God obviously didn’t create anyone to be perfect; we’re not Barbie, ken doll, a Disney princess, or Prince charming. So why feel insecure? And why make other people feel insecure? Imperfection is what makes us who we are! And if anyone doesn’t like that, too bad. 

We should love ourselves to the point of not letting someone’s words bring us down just because they don’t like who we are. Not everyone has to love you; but you have to love yourself; because you have every right to be happy.


– Okoto Enigma 



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  1. Learning to love yourself is the first step in learning how to love others. Surrounding yourself with the people you can identify with reminds us of who we really are, caring for these people comes naturally. Great post!

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