There’s something rugged and sexy about ripped jeans, especially when someone can carry it off the right way. Actors like Julia Roberts, Michelle Pfeiffer, Winona Ryder, Daryl Hannah and Meg Ryan have been spoted parading in front of paparazzi at premieres and events wearing ripped jeans and T-shirts with combat boots, uncombed hair and not a spot of make-up.

     Today, a lot of the women wear a pair of ripped jeans, especially when it comes to casual outings. It is very comfortable and it also has a very edgy feel to it. While a normal pair of jeans may look plain, a pair of ripped jeans can add wonders to your look. It is also the best option for a casual evening out with your best friends. 

     But, the crazy part about ripped jeans is that they are everywhere, and for some reason, not only are they acceptable, they are popular. You’ll wear them to death, until they literally start falling apart and rip at the seams, hold a small low-key funeral, and throw them away (lol). If you want to show a bit of skin, wear a skirt or a pair of shorts. Ripped jeans look like you’ve been attacked by Edward Scissorhands.

     Ripped jeans are meant to look effortless but in reality there’s so much more effort to put on. You have to gently shimmy them up your legs, praying your foot doesn’t go through the knee hole and rip all the way through, turning your jeans into jorts (it actually happens; a lot). The longer you wear ripped jeans, the bigger the hole. Whilst you’d normally throw your jeans away when they rip, with ripped jeans, you’re always stuck in a difficult situation of how ripped is too ripped. Lets face it, winter is coming, and soon, everywhere will be way too cold to have your knees out. Having your legs covered in goosebumps is not the look you want to be sporting as you get battered by the sea breeze that whips it’s way up Bold Street.

     I have nothing against ripped jeans; I like them and all, but I just have to point out the crazy thing about it. It’s funny though but true. Still, everyone should enjoy their ripped jeans and flaunt their legs or knees if they want. It comes in different styles; and that’s what’s cool about it.



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  1. The part about “jorts” had me falling off my couch laughing. I just threw away an 8 year old pair of jeans yesterday because I finally put my foot through the knee hole one too many times and ripped the leg almost all the way off! And I did feel like they deserved a funeral after all we’d been through together…

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