I just feel like I have to point this out because it’s getting out of control. First, this is a community; and we are meant to support one another, and render help to those in need. Not criticize someone or their work. The fact that you don’t like what someone posts doesn’t mean you have to leave a negative comment as often as you can. I try my best; and people love my blog. I’ve gotten amazing reviews from bloggers and non bloggers; some of which you can find right here, from when I started blogging last month. Most of the people who comment are not even bloggers; they’re people who found my blog’s url on sites like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc; yet they took the time to leave a nice comment which I’ll gladly share with you on my blog if you want. I get likes, views, followers, and comments everyday. I’m less than 2 months into blogging; yet I’ve reached different milestones; and I have over 300 followers. What does that say about my blog? It means I’m an excellent blogger and people love what I post. I’m not saying this to show off; or as a form or revenge. I just want to let you know that its not okay to leave negative comments on anyone’s post; regardless. If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all because every blogger tries their best and no one likes to be told negative things. I get a lot of love and support from other bloggers and non bloggers to let your comment ruin that; but I just want you to know that it’s not right. You don’t know what I’m going through; and the thing that makes me happy is blogging; the fact that you say things like that just isn’t helpful or supportive. I know I’ll probably get another comment from you but all the same. I had to point this out not just for myself; but for other people who take the time to leave negative comment on someone else’s post when everyone’s trying their best. We have to show love and support to everyone; some people need it; and criticizing their work just isn’t right. 

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  1. I agree 200 percent with you enigma..bloggers like us spend our time to create something positively out of our such good thoughts and post them here..they are only done with good intentions, no doubt at all..nobody wears our shoes, so they dont have the right to blindly criticise what we write down and post. And each one of us may be going through our own temporary or permanent personal life problems besides which we find happiness and peace in our blogs. So, the ultimate thing is, dont just criticise without understanding something clearly.

  2. Glad to know that you have stepped different milestones to blogging within such a very small period after starting your blog. Keep it up! Respect is what we humans should give each other. So, we get it back. All the best!

  3. shhhhh….i didn’t expect from you such type of childish blogging….go and check on fb….how an Indian girl just post her picture and message something….and how she used to get on an average 1200 likes itself…..

    1. I don’t care about what you expect. I’m not even up to 20 so what do you expect??? And thank God for the girl; I also thank God for myself. I post whatever I like; and people enjoy and appreciate it. Not everyone has to like what I post; but you don’t have to comment either

  4. I agree with you, I haven’t experienced anything negative in here but, I have seen negativity. Thank you for sharing this I hope it makes people think for a second before being hurtful.

  5. i have not even more than 4-5 followers…does it mean i should stop blogging….if i see the numbers then only two things are left with me…either give up or be continue for that forthcoming follower in need,who is yet to come….coz it is related with ‘health’ not a poem or drama……i know last couple of posts indicates you are in bit stress and i even know why u posted this one…to whom have u indicated,the post speaks itself….

  6. The more distant one is, easier it is to be nasty. Things one wouldn’t dare to say in front of someone are so easily written across the world. I’m here in england and you are… Well, I don’t know where you are! So, the more popular your blog will be, the more likely someone will post comments you don’t like. If you share your feelings and opinions with the world, you put yourself in the line and it is very likely a few will disagree, and likely some of the few will voice it. And then, some have no tact. But criticism is not all bad either and, if used wisely, can help you grow. Wisdom and experience will help you filter out the constructive stuff from the nastiness.

    DON’T FEEL DOWN ABOUT IT! After all, this is your page, your space of which you are the absolute sovereign. You have a complete and total right to hit the “delete” button and remove comments you find offensive, anytime you like. You don’t owe anyone anything.

    But I have to say that when I read a blog (that’s the criticism part, sorry), I want to read about someone’s thoughts, stories, jokes… Not… How you feel offended by what has been said below the line in the comments sections.

    Be strong. Keep your head up. Brush off the nay sayers and do what you’re good at. And remember that no one can ever please everyone.

  7. words do matter, what matters most is the meaning you give words. Pay attention to what supports and nourishes you, and thow out the words that are just words. There is vulnerability with a blog, there is also a great support system. When I read a negative or critical comment- I consider it more about the person who wrote it then something for me.

  8. You are so right about this. I have a growing successful blog. I started blogging in December of 2015. I have about seventy two followers. My blog tends to gets like everyday, but not always comments. I am a good blogger as well, but still learning about the world of blogging. As long as you blogging about what you love, you will love your blog. I just don’t agree with negative comments on a blog post

  9. I enjoy reading your blog! Keep going~
    Sometimes people are just making use of your popularity to shine some attention on themselves (in a very wrong way). Don’t give them your attention, concentrate on writing great posts. <3

  10. There was a time when a fellow deviant artist at called out my works. Although at that time I was a bit upset, I took the time to read the full negative comment and turned it to a productivity viewpoint to improve my art. Ever since then I would use any negative into a constructive improvements on whatever I am working on whether it’s drawing or writing.

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