I don’t even know where to start. There are so many things going through my mind right now. But, all I can say is: Happy Birthday aunty. I miss you so much. This would’ve been another year to celebrate with you; your 54th birthday. I think about how things would’ve been and how I would call you today to wish you a happy birthday. But I can’t because you’re gone😓 I just wish you were still alive. I really do. But, things are really different; and you’re no longer with us. As a child, you were my favourite aunty; you probably still are; but I guess you know that. I was just 5 years old when God took you away; but my memories are still intact. You were the best thing that happened to us; if not one of God’s best creation. You were the loveliest and nicest person I have ever known. You were filled with so much joy, love, and happiness; which you shared with everyone you came in contact with. I remember how you always smiled whenever you saw us; and how you’d always take us out and spoil us. I still remember that little brown tablet you usually gave to us; I found out last month, from my mother, that it was actually a drug. I can’t believe that I actally thought that little drug was candy; and I liked it😅. I remember the double decker, the brown sofa, the granite, the glass clock, the flowers, the bunk bed, the bicycle that I never got to ride😅, the beautiful places we saw, the flower vases , the picture of Jesus and his disciples on the last supper, and most importantly, your smile. I try to remember your voice too; but it’s kind of hard. I still have some of your pictures; from when you where just a teenager; your wedding photos, and up till the last picture you took. Most of those pictures are older than I am; but they’ll remain with me forever. You’ve always been so beautiful and so happy. You loved my mother like she was your daughter; although she was your younger sister; and you treated my siblings and I like we were your very own children whenever we visited. My mother said you loved all of us equally; but I know that next to Samuel; you loved my twin and I more😀. If you were here, things would’ve been really different. Now I don’t even know my own cousin; the boy I grew up with; we’re pratically strangers now. Please touch his heart because even you wouldn’t recognize him. He now goes by the name James; and has almost cut off his connection with everyone; his family. He’s the only thing you left behind; and I can’t lose him too. I really miss you aunty!

     You were an angel sent from God; and now, you’re resting in His bosom; beside your husband; watching over us. Although God took you away 13 years ago, the short time I got to spend with you was more than enough to make me love you as much as I do. And I’ll cherish every memory I have of you; because you were a second mother to me. I know it’s been a long while since your departure; but it feels like yesterday; and all those memories can’t be erased; even though other people did that; and it’s a huge shame! I thought time would heal the wound and that I would eventually get over your departure; but it’s the complete opposite. I miss you every time an image of you pops into my head. There are days when I wish I could erase those memories so I’ll stop feeling depressed all the time but at the same time, I’m glad I have those memories. It’s so hard not to break down each time I see your face or think about you and your pretty smile.

     I never got to tell you goodbye; or tell you how much I loved you. What I would give to see you again; just one more time. I wish things were different though; I wish you were here with us; with your beautiful smile that can light up a dark room and melt any heart; but, things are different. This is my first tribute since your departure; and I’m saying this with all the happiness in the world “I love you; and I miss you, a lot. Till we meet again aunty. Happy Birthday.You’re up in heaven; but you’ll always remain in our hearts. Always and forever! I guess I’ll stop here because if I don’t, I’ll go on and on because all these memories keep rushing to my head. But you can see the smile on my face; even if I’m trying hard to hold in those tears. You’ll never want to see any of us cry; especially today; so we’ll smile, for you! I love you so much!!

In memory of my amazing aunty:

Mrs Stella Imanyi Aboh

October 19th, 1962 – August 4th, 2003.

With all the love in the world😘

Happy birthday! 

I’ve watched this video like 10 times already; and I keep watching it. Although, it’s not as perfect as I wanted it to be. I had to gather the courage to write this post and make this video without breaking down ever since I started at the beginning of this month. This past week has been hard, but I got through it. I want you to know that I love you so much!! And I miss you!



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  1. That was beautiful.It made me think of my sister who died when I was 6 and I still miss her.These are things you can’t control. At least your aunt is still on your mind even if you were so young.

      1. The death of a family is always sad. Even if it’s been over 30 years since she passed away there are times I think what would life be if she was still around.

          1. She would be alive, that’s what would matter the most 🙂 My mothers death was quite a shock so she could have been a great comfort.

          2. I am really sorry. Losing a mother is worse than anything; my aunt was like a second mother; and I’m heart broken. I can’t even imagine the loss of a mother

  2. I can understand how you feel.. I am in d same situation with you but mine is my uncle. This man could bring back life to a dead person. He hated to see anyone in lack or in need. Very generous. Though its 16 years after he left, his memory still fresh in the minds of everyone in my family. He died through food poisoning along with his wife and second child, leaving behind only a daughter.

    Good people last long in peoples memory. I miss him like mad.

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