I don’t know the sound of his voice; 

But I could hear it, each time –

So soothing and gracious. 

I could see his smile; even

Without looking at his face.

His words, took me on a journey –

A journey to his heart,

That I feel beating;

With each word he types.

I could picture his beautiful eyes,

Staring at me;

With that smile I’ve never seen;

Yet, it brightens me up inside.

He makes me laugh so hard,

It feels like we’re actually together.

Yet the thing that separates us is

Just a screen.

So close, yet so far.

And, those silly conversations

Never gets old.

Feels like I’ve known him forever;

But, I’ve only known him for a few hours.

And those few hours have been magical!

He’s the stranger behind the screen.

The reason behind my smile!

– Okoto Enigma 



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  1. It’s just so lovely. A real beautiful description of some of the people we meet on the blogosphere. They are so sweet; They make us feel fine. We even laugh. We love them. Your poem is a success; sweet like you.

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