​The sun goes down,

The moon comes out.

My love for you 

Flows endlessly like a river.

The sound of your voice,

Like music in my ear.

Your deep brown eyes

Calls me each time I look in them

The touch of your hands;

Like a warm cloth during the winter.

And Your skin,

As soft as a rosepetal.

Your smile; fills my stomach with a

Million butterflies.

Your deep gaze says

A thousand words which only 

I understand.

This impossible love 

That I’m cursed to live with.

Love so pure and true.

I hold onto this love 

Like a child holds it teddy bear.

I am comforted by the mere

Thought of you

As I drown in your perfume

Each night; alone.

Counting the hours till I see you again.

A million things I’d love to tell you; yet

A million things left unsaid

As I swim in a pool of my thoughts;

Endlessly counting the star’s

As the moon shines so bright 

Until you come and ease the pain,

And put out this fire burning inside me.

Adios! My love!

Adios! My king!

Until we meet when I 

Awaken in your arms;

Never to fall asleep again.

You are:

My one true love. And

My impossible love.

-Okoto Enigma






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