​     Fashion, for me, is someone’s style; the way they look, dress, and present themselves to the public. Fashion is literally a way of life; through which someone expresses who they are. Every individual has his or her own fasion style (be it mini gown, t-shirt on trouser, sweat shirt, crop top on trouser/skirt; paired with a jacket, suit (both male and female); paired with a polo, or a t-shirt,etc) however it’s used, it is fashion; even tattoos, makeup, piercing, hair styles, etc, is a part of fashion. As for me, part of my fashion is my piercing; I have 3 piercings on my ear, and I’m thinking about getting more; because it is my style. Fashion ranges according to what an individual thinks about it and what they like. 

     Fashion, from my perspective, is something that makes us feel comfortable; not what is trending, or what the society wants us to wear or look like. If your style doesn’t make you feel comfortable, then it isn’t fashion and it doesn’t represent who you are. You should,therefore, proceed to change your look; to one that soothes your taste. And, if your style doesn’t make other people happy or comfortable, it’s their problem. 

     For most women, part of their fashion is their hair, dress, lingerie, shoe and make up. While for most men, part of their fashion is their shoe, chain/wristwatch, a fashion piece; like a scarf or sweater, and their hair. I think the best designer for female wears in the fashion industry is Victoria’s Secret and Diane Von Furstenberg. While the best for men is Calvin Klein. 

     So, in fashion, you can either look in the mirror and say to yourself; “what does this dress say about me? Does it represent my mood or personality? I’m I comfortable in this outfit?”. Or, you can look in the mirror,take a selfie and head out (I personally choose the second option).


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