Always think about yourself. While you’re trying to make everyone happy, you end up forgetting your own happiness. And your happiness should come from you; no one else. Or you might end up hurt and disappointed. 

Change is constant. If you tie yourself to someone or something because you’re afriad of change; or of failing when you try to change your situation, you will definitely fail.

The past is meant for those who are willing to die holding onto a memory. No matter how destroyed you feel, let go of the past and move on. Good things await you in the future. You should only look back when you’re truly happy.

Never say you can’t do; because you can do anything you want. As long as you’re still alive, there’s hope. Even when other people pull you down, even when all hope is lost, NEVER pull yourself down. NEVER give up. You can’t reach for the stars if you don’t try. Jane Austen didn’t become an amazing writer by giving up on anything. 

Think about positive things. When you over think, or you think about negative things, you’ll never want to try anything new. And you’ll end up up cutting yourself with the pieces of your broken soul. Enjoy life! Be happy!

-Okoto Enigma

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