Today, I am making and writing a list. Compiling a list is my way of letting loose, unlocking ideas, finding inspiration and freeing my mind. It is my way of giving to myself, asking questions, thinking out loud, realising, and finding out so many things. Basically, it makes me creative. Technically, it isn’t really a normal list (to-do list); its just me writing and calling it a list because it feels like a list. So, I am writing a list on these topics:

  • Things I like
  • Things I’ve learned
  • Things I wish for
  • Things I’m good at

Here goes:

Things I Like:

Well,in a way, I like a lot of things (I also hate a lot of things. Who doesn’t?). I like poems, novels, and drama (the genres of Literature). I’m almost obsessed with it. They relate to and inspire me in a way I can’t explain. I get into character, and I create the sequence for every object and character vividly. I am literally involved in the act of negative capability. I love how everything is written; it teaches me about so many things; and I enjoy everything. I’ve actually read  novel with 117 chapters (3242 pages). It was nice. My favourite writers/novelists are Jane Austen (if you’ve read my previous post, you would know), and Alexandre Dumas. I love their work! I also like music because its entertaining and catchy. I LOVE eating! I LOVE food! Although I’m really skinny, it doesn’t stop me from eating. I like Mathematics  (best subject). I also like blogging; its my new profession. Its really fun and exciting. I think that’s enough; for now. 

Things I’ve Learned:

In life, we learn so many things; good or bad. I’ve learned that mistakes are part of our life; we’re humans, we have flaws. We shouldn’t judge or be judged based on our actions. Live your life to the fullest. I’ve learned that you can’t reach your goals if you don’t fight and walk towards it. Your destiny won’t just walk up to you and knock on your door  (I wish it did). We have to fight to get what we want; that’s how life works. On a personal level, I’ve learned that you can eat a lot and still remain skinny☺. I’ve also learned that we should love ourselves. There’ll definitely be people who hate us, who’ll try to bring us down and say we can’t do it; but we can. The best thing is making it and pushing yourself above the limits till you reach your goal. That’s the reward. But most importantly, I’ve learned that life goes on. We can’t change the past; no matter how bad it is; we can’t take back what we said or did. We can only move forward. The clock moves forward; not backwards. Life as well. As much as I wish I could change the past, it hurts, but I can’t. 

Things I Wish For:

I have so many wishes and dreams; some weird, some crazy, and some normal; but I’ll talk about the normal ones. Although, I really can’t express what I wish for into words. It’s like trying to explain life, or Science, or Philosophy; even Art. But I’ll try. I won’t say “I wish”; I would rather say “I aspire” . I aspire for greatness and success. Basically, everyone want to be successful; but in their own way. My aspiration for greatness is to challenge, discover, and find out that there’s a reason; a purpose. I really can’t explain it; it’s just something I want; its a weird but strong feeling. My aspiration is to be happy. That’s it; I just want to be happy on a different level. I said I couldn’t explain so sorry☺.

Things I’m Good At:

This is the weird part. I’m actually good at talking; a lot; and fast. I talk really fast. I just love talking and saying stuff. It’s not me; it’s the universe😂. I’m good at learning. I can learn whatever I want if I really want to; no matter what it is; and as long as I don’t get bored. I’m good at listening to music for hours (everyone is. Obvi!); I can listen to music where ever I want; and sometimes, I don’t even notice people. I’m good at sleeping 😂 I sleep late and wake up late. It’s not me; my body just loves resting. Not to brag, but besides being good at eating; I’m good at imagining pretty good stuff, rapping, and changing songs without difficulty. I once changed Beyounce’s “Drunk In Love” and called it “Drunken Alcohol” (the name is stupid but it was really fun; I was both Bey and Jay Z). I’ve also changed Rihanna’s “Four Five Seconds”, T. Swift’s “22”, and Rihanna’s “Work” (causes of boredom). 

I probably sounded serious at the beginning; and believe me; that was weird. I’ve successfully compiled a weird, and not so great list. I really enjoyed this; talking about different things; and just expressing myself. It was fun. I might think of some new songs to change; but, in the mean time, I’ll keep blogging, and read Jane Austen’s book collection; I’m looking forward to reading “Emma”.

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  1. As a list person myself, I find this awesome! Self-reflection is an amazing skill that you seem to have mastered! Also – I love your music taste! 🖒😁
    I wanted to thank you for your support of my blog PrintedFeet!:) I really appreciate the support you’ve shown me! If you enjoy my short stories, I have a prequel going on at Wattpad right now called Death of the Green Planet. I’d love your feedback on it of you have the time?

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